Bellroy 6s 1card_black.jpg


At Bellroy, we had already made a mark on the wallet world with slim wallets. But when we expanded our vision from just wallets to looking at pockets we saw an immediate need. A decent card carrying phone case.

Everyone has cards that they use daily, and cards they use monthly, and cards that they hardly ever use, but can't afford to leave home without. Organizing and grouping your cards into these categories is one of the best ways to improve your carrying habits.

This iPhone 1 card case combines your most frequently used card with your most frequently used carry item. Which allows your wallet to get a bit lighter and slimmer. And more importantly, it makes purchases, and tap and go interactions much, much easier. 

We accomplished this while staying true to Bellroy quality of craft. We used leather for quality of hand-feel, combined with the durability and strength of lexan, to provide the first quality "phone case as wallet" product on the market.

Lead Designer: Joe Bowers, Designers: Davin Hanna, James Jeffery

Design Director: Hadrien Monloup